See when Nigerian Navy Dssc Recruitment 2018/2019 Form Direct Short Service Course will be out

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See when Nigerian Navy Dssc Recruitment 2018/2019 Form Direct Short Service Course will be out

Are you interested in joining the Nigerian Navy dssc ? If yes then this post is for you, just be patient as we walk you through all the process involve.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment 2018/2019 | How to Apply for Nigerian Navy DSSC.

IMPORTANT! Currently, Nigerian Navy DSSC Application Form is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out. Continue reading

Meaning of the Nigerian Navy dssc

First it’s important you know the meaning of dssc

According to the Nigerian Defence Academy official website it states that The DSSC is a 9 month intensive military training for professionals drawn from various disciplines to serve as officers in the non combat services of the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

DSSC simply means Direct short service commission

General Requirements for Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment 2018

Before joining the Nigerian Navy there are strict guidelines and requirement that applicants have to meet, i will take time to list them below

The entry qualifications for the DSSC are as follows:

  • (a) Be a Nigerian as defined in the Const itution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • (b) Be male or female between the ages of 22 to 35 years for both serving personnel and civilians.
  • (c) Be medically and physically fit.
  • (d) Measure not less than 1.68m (for male) and 1.65m (for female) in height.
  • (e) Must not have been convicted by any court of law.
  • (f) Possess a minimum of first degree of not less than Second Class Lower Division from a recognized University or HND from a recognized Polytechnic of not less than Lower Credit.
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(g) Applicants (less serving members of the Armed Forces) must have completed the NYSC Scheme or provide proof of exemption as the case may be.

(h) Graduates with professional qualifications must be duly registered by relevant bodies recognized by Nigerian Laws at the commencement of cadet training

(i) Possess valid birth certificate endorsed by the National Population Commission, Hospital or Local Government Council of birth or valid age declaration.

(j) Possess a valid certificate of state of origin.

(k) Recommended by at least two recognizable referees who must attest to the applicant’s character and integrity. Serving military personnel must be recommended by their commanders.

Deformities that will prevent you from being recruited into the Nigeria Navy

previous orthopedic operation
orthopedic operation
Individual who have undergone orthopedic operation as a result of any deformity, infections or spin disease should not apply for the Nigeria Navy recruitment form . Therefore if you have undergone any operation to correct any bone fracture or disorders please you don’t need to apply for this position as this disability will prevent you from performing your military duties effectively.

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short sight

short sightedness is the inability to see things clearly, most times object appears to be blur,an individual suffering from short sightedness usually have the following :
short sight

  • The eyeball is longer than normal
  • The cornea is more curved than normal

The Nigeria Navy personal should have a perfect vision as this will enable him or her to perform all assignment given with out any difficulties.

Just imagine when a Navy officer can’t identify objects that are of close range. Eyesight is very important as it coordinate other sense organ to work effectively.

ear problem: an ear problem can occur as a result of viral or bacteria infection, it’s important you check your self very well before purchasing the Nigeria Navy recruitment form and make sure you are free from any of this deformity.

If you are experiencing the following conditions i will list below it means you have this deformity :

  • mild pain or discomfort inside the ear
  • a feeling of pressure inside the ear that persists
  • fussiness in young infants
  • pus-like ear drainage
  • hearing loss

flat foot: referred to as pes planus, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, and fallen arches is a deformity that won’t allow you stand up right.

when you talk about flat foot many get confused and even wonder if it ever exist. Yes it does exist and how to know if you have a flat foot is when all your sole of your foot is directly in contact with the floor.
Flat foot
With flat foot deformity you won’t be able match properly, wear military boots and also do regular military activities.

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fracture:a fracture normally occurs when the bone is broken.

having fracture will surely deny you from being recruited into the Nigeria Navy , even if the fracture is healed completely it will still be noticeable as you attempt to walk.

stammering: stammering is another deformity that occurs when you are unable to speak clearly. The military wants men and women who don’t have speech impediment in the service

– less than required height( 1.70 for male and 1.67 for female)

any natural disability : natural disability that occurs from birth can also prevent you from being recruited into the Nigerian airforce.

How Can I Apply for Nigerian Navy Dssc Recruitment 2018-2019 Form?

To Apply for the Nigerian Navy dssc recruitment is not that difficult as everything has been made simple by technology, first you have to simply for the guidelines i will state below



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