how to succeed on upwork as a nigerian

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how to succeed on upwork as a nigerian

It’s a known fact that majority of Nigerians are earning decent income through numerous freelancing site one of such is upwork which is one of the biggest freelancer site right now.

Most Nigerians works for hours, doing web and graphics design, writing content,video editing, transcribe audios and lots more.

Of recent getting approval from upwork seems to be hard not only to Nigerians but citizens of other nationals, a lot of applicants hardly escape the robot hence they receive a disappointing mails from upwork. I will not discuss how you can get approved here or escape the robotic message .

how to succeed on upwork as a nigerian

This article is written for those who have an already approved account and are looking for ways to maximize the effort to start yielding positive results

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Learn a useful skills : take your time and learn on a skill and also learn skills that is related to it and be perfect in them , without learning or having any skills you won’t be able to complete any jobs satisfactory hence you won’t excel and this will really dent your reputation online.

do things you are good at : most people just love to follow the bandwagon because they saw that Mr A is doing things they want to follow suit without adding uniqueness to theirs, always try to be different by identifying those things you love doing and which you have interest to improve upon.

Demand for a 5 star rating : if you know your client is really pleased with what you hav done, with no complain what so ever it’s not a bad idea to ask for a 5 star rating from him, don’t do it like you are ordering him just please with him but if he refuses don’t push further.

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A profile that has lots of positive reviews will easily win bids because it shows that you know what you are doing and your profile really state who you are.

Make use of online tools : we have many tools online that can help by fine tuning your work and making it look professional, most of this tools are not free, some have premium plans. Example of such is that Grammarly. This is one of the best tools that comes in handy to those who are content writer on upwork as this tool will not only help you identify wrong usage of words but check your write up against plagiarism across different websites.

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