full rank of the nigerian army:Rank of The Nigerian Army (updated) 

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full rank of the nigerian army:Rank of The Nigeria Army (updated)

If you want to know more about the full rank of the Nigeria army then continue reading but if you want to find out about the Nigeria army recruitment process then kindly click here.

The Nigeria army is the largest component of the Nigeria Armed forces whose responsibility is to protect Nigeria from external aggression and internal conflict that has overwhelm the Nigeria police.

It’s important for all Nigerians to be able to differentiate between and also know and ranks of the Nigeria army should incase you don’t know then this article will guide you.

Ranks of the Nigeria army

Field Marshal: this rank is the highest, as at the time of writing this post no past or present Nigeria army personnel has ever reached this level in the Nigeria army.

General: This is the highest rank, which has actually been achieved by Nigerian. It is a four-star rank with NATO ranking 9.

Lieutenant General:

It refers to the high commissioned officer. As for NATO, it is indicated by 8. In Nigeria it has three stars.

Major General:

This is medium commissioned officer. NATO gives it 7, while it is actually a two-star rank in Nigerian hierarchy.

Brigadier (General):

Within the country is has one star, while NATO indicated it under the number 6.

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It is often called Colonel of regiments. It refers to the commissioned officer of lower level and the highest field officer. According to NATO ranking, it gets 5.

Lieutenant Colonel:

He is deputy to Colonel. It is a field officer of the middle level with NATO rank 4.


The field officer of the lower category. Its rank is 3.


Having the ranking of 2, it is the highest rank in the tactical troops organization.

Second Lieutenant:

Such officer possesses the same NATO rank as the first Lieutenant, and he is subordinate to him.

Lieutenant (First):

Captain’s deputy. It is the same as immediate superior rank. It possesses NATO ranking 1.

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Master warrant officer

Warrant officer


It refers to junior non-commissioned officer, who is subordinate to Staff Sergeant.


This category of people is usually in charge of a certain troop body.


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