6 Ways to Prepare For the Nigerian Army 77RRI Zonal Screening

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6 Ways to Prepare For the Nigerian Army 77RRI Zonal Screening

Here are some tips you need to follow to ensure total victory at the screening center.

I bet you if you follow this tips your chances of getting enlisted will be very high

6 Ways to Prepare For the Nigerian Army 77RRI Zonal Screening

Ensure all the required documents are intact: As you are going for the screening exercise make sure you put all necessary document together,prepare them and arrange them before hand. A lot of people only try to get things done on the very day of the D day. As a serious applicant you should not follow this set of bandwagon

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Make sure to meet each and every requirement: failure to meet all the requirements will automatically get you disqualified. Make sure you are within the specified age range, make sure you meet all the academic requirements, be a Nigerian citizen, don’t have flat foot, if you are disfigured please stay away from the screening Venue.

Adequately prepare for the Zonal Screening Exercise: ensure you are up to date in terms of current affairs, history of the Nigerian army, notable figures in the top hierarchy like name of the Army chief of staff, head of defense, past leaders in the army, division of army unit etc.

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Ensure you stay informed: always strive to be up to date with current information, know the screening date, always visit the official page of the Nigerian Army.

Compose your self: always strive to abide by the rules and regulations, don’t try to cheat because if you are caught you can be disqualified instantly.

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